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Open Editions


Based on the idea that a photograph should be reproducible and art should be reachable, Ka launched the Open Editions project so that photography and other reproducible works of art can reach more people. 

We aim to create an alternative for the current art market by making numbered and signed fine art prints of invited artists available for reasonable prices without any edition limit.

We are excited about the idea of positioning photographic works as something that can be owned not only by collectors but also by the general public who loves art and wants to have a connection with the artists they like. We are not against for an artwork to be a limited edition and sold at very high prices, but still, we want to put forward an alternative way by considering the people, our community we have reached within all these years who loves art and wants to have a real connection with the artists they are watching and might support them by buying artwork.

You can find information about the artists, the imprint and price information of the fine-art prints offered for sale as open editions here. New selections of artists and works will continue to being added to the Open Editions collection.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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