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After Everyone's Asleep


Words have hidden the artist between the lines from us, whilst revealing us. People have become avoiding both thinking and confronting. For whatever is up to date, whatever we see and ignore, there is no other role for us other than acting as extras. Aren’t we/humans the ones who want this and make it consciously perceived as such? When that time comes, gather the plants and let them rest on my chest so that I’d want to descend over again to my own world! What made me think of this is actually nothing but the leaves of a camel plant that Zeynep touched with her pen. The rainbow colours that the artist had previously painted in her diaries fell asleep. I don't know if they will find the colour again when they wake up. At this point, figures and things changed their shells. Perhaps, they fell asleep while passing through a dream cloud and were left by the artist into a new dream universe. Let's face it, telling fairy tales to grown-ups is pretty hard work.

-Dilek Karaaziz Şener, exhibition text

Zeynep Merve Çiçek was born in 1987 in Ankara. She completed her undergraduate & master's degree at Gazi University
and her Proficiency in Art education at Hacettepe University Painting Department.
She has been teaching visual arts for 10 years. In addition to her solo exhibitions, she participated in many group exhibitions.
Her works are shaped around the themes of belonging and daily life.

Kadınların Hikayeleri, 2020 

Kağıt üzerine keçeli kalem, dikiş, Felt pen and sewing on paper, 2020 | 21 x 12,5 cm
*Brooklyn Art Museum, Sketchbook Project için yapılmıştır. / *Made for the Brooklyn Art Museum, Sketchbook Project.

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