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Exhibitions / Artworks

All the works exhibited at Ka (excluding Open Editions) stay on sale for 3 to 6 months. During this time, you can access and buy the artworks both in Ka's physical space and on the website.

05.11.2021 - 28.11.2021

Bir Dosta Mektup
Letter to a Friend

Organized by Dou Print Studio for the first time, Lito Days in Turkey was completed with an exhibition, panel, artist talks and workshop, shaped around lithography and printing culture throughout November 2021, in order to increase the passion for lithography and its inventor, Alois Senefelder. In this context, a Letter to a Friend exhibition was hosted by Ka between 5.11.2021-5.12.2021.


Herkes Uyuduktan Sonra
After Everyone's Asleep
Zeynep Merve Çiçek

I extract the words from the sentences that form the silhouettes trapped between the existent and the nonexistent within the pictures: I will get better, I can get better, I finished my thesis, schools were closed, restrictions came, then again Pandemic...
The words I read are in the form of a summary of daily life. (...) In
the end, the point reached by the artist turns into a demonstration of how lonely we are with irresistible transparency. (...)
- Dilek Karaaziz Şener, Exhibition text

38 Kaybetmek Üzerine, Kağıt Üzerine Akrilik Boya-Keçeli Kalem, 29,7x21 cm, 2020.jpg


Yer Parça

Earth Part

"Earth Part focuses on an encounter that reimagines placelessness, worldlessness, and groundlessness. The ground on which we stand unquestionably connects our thoughts to the earth. Yet, iron and concrete displace people, and the land is a world beyond our language. (…) "Earth Part” carries the reverse image of a vertical civilization in a glance that looks through and overflows from its object.
- Esra Oskay, from the exhibition text



Açık Edisyonlar 1

Open Editions 1

Based on the idea that a photograph should be reproducible and art should be reachable, Ka launched the Open Editions project so that photography and other reproducible works of art can reach more people.  We aim to create an alternative for the current art market by making numbered and signed fine art prints of invited artists available for reasonable prices without any edition limit.

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